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Saturday, August 14th, 2004
2:34 pm
NBA & WNBA trophies........

Dayton and I with the trophies!!

just the trophies!!

Dayton and I with the designed 2004 NBA truck!!

Current Mood: anxious

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2:30 pm
get em while there hot......
sorry they're so small, technical difficulties!!

Dayton and I getting ready for Jay and Jaynee's wedding!!

first doctors appointment!!

first bath!!

Dayton in his towel after his bath!!

Dayton in his ducky robe & slippers!!

Gary, Dayton and I at the hospital, i look like shit, i know!!

Dayton & Nicholas

Dayton & Damien (my nephew)

Dayton wide awake!!

Dayton and I taking a nap!!

Current Mood: amused

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Sunday, July 25th, 2004
9:33 am
4 those who don't know.....
Welcome my beautiful little boy:
Dayton James Mogielski
born 7-13-04 at 5:09 p.m.
7 lbs. 2 oz. 20 in long

pics will be posted soon, i hope!! ::keep your fingers crossed:: my computer is still being fixed!! sorry for the delay!!

Current Mood: cheerful

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
12:16 pm
yo yo!!
Emily is here!! i just thought you guys would like to know that!!

now i gotta go!!

hasta luego!!

Current Mood: creative

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Sunday, June 20th, 2004
2:11 pm
you guys probably don't think i am gonna keep up with all these journals!! but i am!! just you watch!!

i am ebaying today!! haha!! i <3 ebay!!

i need some more sleep!!

i keep getting disconnected from the internet!! grrr..........our computer is gonna be getting fixed here shortly so i won't be on for a couple days, well more like a week, i think, hopefully not longer than that!! so when we get it back, i hope it fixed and not all gay like it is now!!

i gotta pee........

i gotta clean my room.......

omg, my cousin Jeremy broke our glass kitchen table last night!! it was fuckin' crazy!! i watched the whole thing and it like happened in sloww motion and shit!! he wasn't cut or hurt so that's the good thing!!

but i'm gonna go so i can update my other journal!!

Current Mood: calm

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004
10:04 pm
i'm back.........
haha.........i was just browsing around and thought i would check out my old journals and i decided that i am gonna keep updating them!! so check me out now!! :D yeah i know i said i was gonna go to bed like 65975932413 hours ago BUT i got distracted!! but i really am gonna go now cause i have to make jello shots for my sisters open house on Saturday!! i am starting early cause i literally have 54321946314606190564309652934876 to make!! so i am making some today, some tomorrow and some Saturday!!

Current Mood: ditzy

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Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
1:46 pm
people shouldn't have what i don't.......
Green info
Your Heart is Green

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

this is so true, except for the stalking thing!!

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1:39 pm
this is a secret, i just wanted to write to tell everyone that i still love you guys and that i'm sorry that i can't write in here anymore!! zorrito don't be so mean!! it's just something i have to do!! so hi to all and have a good day (cause it's kinda nice out for a god damn change!!)

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Friday, February 28th, 2003
12:36 pm
this may be the end...........
ok, to all of my friends......i may not be able to write on here anymore......a few of you know why.......but i gotta go now.........sorry!!

buh bye!!

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11:52 am
haha.....stolen for littlegimp
~~** Regular Shit**~~
First name:Kelly
Nicknames: kel-bel, princess, blondie, kay sea, kapowski, coltin
Single or Taken: *sighs* i don't wanna talk about it
Sex: female
Birthday: November 23, 1982
Astrological sign: sagittarius
Siblings: 4 brothers, 3 sisters
Brothers: David(25), Ray(21), Josh(18) and Ben(15)
Sisters: Christina(28), Shela(26) and Kari(16)
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: blue
Shoe size: 3 or 4
Height: 5'2
Shampoo: whatever i buy
Conditioner: whatever i buy
Location: Marlette, Mi
Email: tracyk0223@yahoo.com
Date: February 28,2003
Time: 11:52 a.m.
Age: 20

~~** Favorite Shit**~~
Number: 8 or 3
Tv Stations: MTV, disney channel or nbc
Food: italian food
Drink: dr. pepper
Place to Shop: umm, american eagle
Clothing Line: american eagle, aeropostale
Alcoholic Drink: beer....bud light preferrably
Movie: a walk to remember
Colors: orange and yellow
Actor: Bruce Willis
Actress: Reese Witherspoon (just cause people say i look like her)
Word/Phrase: "how do ya like me now?!" "shit, i fucked up!!"
Video Game: Grand Theft Auto III and Gauntlet
Computer Game: the Sims
Cd: the ones i burn
Bands: too many to list
Song: Amanda Perez-Angel
Flowers: white roses
Hangout: the farm, Garrett's house
Subject: math
Boy Name: Cadan John Michael
Girls Name: Hailey Rose
Day: saturday
Holiday: thanksgiving

~~** Have you Fucking Ever**~~
smoked: yep
drank: yep
Got really shitfaced: oh yeah
Got high: yep
Broke the law: probably
Cheated on someone: would never do that!!
Hated Someone: yeah and still hate her!!
Cursed Someone Out: millions of times
Went Skinnydripping: can't say i have
Had Sex: umm, let's see....... *laughs*
Went to 1st: yep
Went to 2nd: yea
Went to 3rd: yep
Stolen: yep
Lied: *sighs* yeah and boy do i regret it!!
Made yourself throw-up: yeah actually i have
Cut: nope......
Went to a mental hospital: nope
Went to rehab: nope

~~** Right Fucking Now**~~
Wearing: blue jeans, a red t-shirt, Gary's tommy jeans sweater, socks, underwear, bra, shoes and my leather coat
Hair is: down
I'm feeling: ????
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
Thinking bout: Gary......myself.......
Listening to: nothing
Talking: people in the library

~~** Are you a Fucking ………**~~
Was: you got me??? was i??
Druggy: nope but according to my parents now, i do COKE everyday in my apartment with Gary!!
Drunk: nope
Liar: no
Whore/Slut: hell no
Striaght/Bi/Gay: no doubt in my mind....straight!!
Active: yep
Socialable: very
Fun: i think so
Boring: probably
Daydreamer: that's basically all i do
Freak: i can be
Dork: yep
Bitch/Asshole: yep
Brat: umm, probably that too
Sarcastic: oh yeah
Goody-goody: haha....yeah
Angel: always
Devil: me?? NEVER
Horny: all the time!!
Shy: i can be
talkative: depends but mostly yeah
Adventurous: oh yeah
Joker: sometimes
Flirty: only with Gary

//. Do I. //
Smoke? i do sometimes
Drink: yep
Do drugs?: according to my parents i do!!
Have sex?: ummm.......
Sleep with stuffed animals?: yeah
Live in the moment?: no
Have a Tatoo?: 4
Have Peircing: yeah 3 body piercings plus my ears
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: yeah sometimes
Play an instrument?: i used too
Believe there is life on other planets?: yeah i do
Remember your first love?: yeah
Still love him/her?: no cause i have Gary now
Read the newspaper?: yep
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yeah
Believe in miracles?: yeah
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: yes i do!!
Consider love a mistake?: no
Believe in astrology?: yep
Believe in magic?: yep
Believe in god?: no
Go to church?: nope
Have any pets: yeah
Do well in school?: i don't go to school
Go to or plan to go to college?: yeah
Wear hats?: very rarely
Hate yourself?: very much
Have an obsession?: yeah i guess i do
Have a secret crush?: no
Do they know yet?: i don't have one
Have a best friend? yeah
Wish on stars?: not anymore, i used too
Like your handwriting?: yeah
Have any bad habits?: biting my nails
Care about looks?: i try not too but yeah
Believe in witches?: yeah

~~** Fucking Friends**~~
Who are your friends: Gary, LeAnne, Erin, Aimee, Nicole, Keleigh, Hannah, Amanda, Crystal, Shane, Nate, Brandon, Darrel, Johnny, Clay, Garrett, David, John, Gretchen, Shaina, Chuckles, Lisa, Cody
Who are your best friends: Gary, LeAnne, and Erin
What friends do you trust with you life: all of them
What friend do you go to advice: mostly Gary, but LeAnne and Erin too
What friends come to you for advice: Gary, Lisa, LeAnne, Erin, Shane, Garrett, Johnny (all the time)
What friend is the following:
Shy: LeAnne
Smart: John Lipka
Fun: all of them
Funny: Darrel
Joker: umm, most of them
Sweet: Erin and Gary
Sexy: Gary
Bitchy: #1 Nicole (i would have to say)
Lame: me-none of my friends of course
Loser: me again---none of my friends
Coolest: ummm, not sure, i love them all
What friend have you known the longest: Lisa
What friend have you known the shortest: Erin
What are you friends' styles: they all have different styles
What friend do you cry to: Gary, LeAnne.......Erin once!!

what are you wearing right now?: i just told you earlier
current mood: ???
current music: no music
current taste: toothpaste
Current hair: down
current dress: i just told you earlier! how many times are you gonna ask??
current annoyance: this damn survey!!
Current smell: air freshener
current game: no game!!
current thing: Gary
current windows open: livejournal and yahoo messenger
current desktop picture: teal background
current favorite group: i really don't have a favorite cause i like too many
current book: learn how to sign (i am teaching myself sign language)
current cds in stereo: none.....
Current color of toenails: orange
current worry: Gary
current crush: Gary
current favorite Celeb: ummm, not sure
current hate: JAMI!!!!!!! i just wanna scream anytime i hear that fuckin' name!!

~~** Final Fucking Question**~~
Who sent this to you: i stole it from Keleigh
Do you like that person: very much, she's my lil sis!
What did you think: it kept me busy!

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Wednesday, February 19th, 2003
11:49 am
haha......stolen from manda2016
**Ten Things I miss...**
1. going out with Gary
2. being happy
3. having money
4. Gary......
5. having a car
6. being in school (sometimes)
7. Gary......
8. hanging out with Lisa all the time
9. seeing all my friends from high school
10. Gary......

Nine Things I hate...
1. Jami
2. Jami
3. Jami
4. when Gary is mean to me
5. Jami
6. Jami
7. Jami
8. Jami
9. not being Gary's girlfriend

Eight Things I love...
1. Gary
2. my friends
3. my cat, Kodak
4. my apartment
5. money (::laughs::)
6. my new friend Kelly Ruth Cole (my twin as Erin would say)
7. Gary's smile
8. being with Gary

Seven things I remember the most...
1. moving an ungodly number of times
2. meeting Lisa
3. being on safety patrol in 4th and 5th grade
4. going to Chicago in 8th grade
5. graduating high school
6. meeting Gary
7. the day Gary asked me out ::begins to cry::

Six things I want to do eventually...
1. go back to college
2. buy my own house
3. make millions of dollars
4. get married to Gary (of course)
5. get a damn car
6. get out of this town

Five songs I can hear over and over and over and over....You get the point...
1. My Dad's Gone Crazy-Eminem
2. Pink-Aerosmith
3. Long December-Counting Crows
4. Heartbreaker-Weezer
5. More Than Words-Xtreme

Four Words that describe me...
1. friendly
2. outgoing
3. sarcastic
4. psychotic (according to Gary)

Three things I want to change...
1. being a bitch sometimes
2. myself (sometimes)
3. Gary's mind about being with Jami

Two people I want to disappear
1. Jami
2. me

One thing I want...
1. to be with Gary

Current Mood: amused

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10:57 am
i found this today.........
*Liking someone is nothing, Loving someone is something, Being loved by the one you love is EVERYTHING!!*

and i beleive that is so damn true!!

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Saturday, February 15th, 2003
6:52 pm
ok, so i told you all to stay tuned on what happened on Valentine's Day, so here goes.......
Gary comes over at like noon and he tells me that he wants me to drive him to Livonia so he can get his tattoo, which of course i sais that i would. so we go to the library to get directions and all cause Gary doesn't know exactly where the tattoo place is and neither do i, than we stop at McDonalds and get something to eat. then we drve and drive and drive (cause it takes like 2 hours to get there) Gary ends up being like and our late cause he didn't know it would take that long and his appointment was at 2:30 p.m. but so we get there and Gary is getting his tattoo and than he like freaks me out cause its like hurting him bad!! like this is how bad it was hurting him, say i had no tattoos at all and i wanted to get one but i wanted to watch Gary get his first, so i do that and by all his reactions and shit, i would NEVER get a tattoo if i seen him get his first!! he almost made me start crying my eyes out just because i know it was hurting him super bad and i couldn't do anything about it!! it makes me start crying just to think about it!! like the whole ride home i was quiet because that bothered me alot!! i just felt like helpless when he was in so much pain!! the tattoo guy even told him that girls take pain way better than guys do and i told him that i have 4 tattoos and he asked where and i told him on my back and he said that is the spot that hurts the worst and it didn't hurt that bad for me!! but yeah, that whole thing like upset me really, like i never wanna go watch anyone else get a tattoo because of it and i LOVE watching people get tattoos and piercing and shit like that!! but it took 2 hours for Gary to get his tattoo and the guys still didn't have time to finish it but it look sso fuckin' awesome!! but ok after the whole tattoo deal, we were driving home and Gary decides to take his own way home and got me all mixed up and we kinda got lost!! we stopped at taco bell to get something to eat and Gary went in to us the bathroom and i stayed in the car cause we were gonna go through drive thru and when i was in the car by myself, i just started bawling because of the whole tattoo deal and cause me and Gary aren't together and that he kinda likes Jami again!! and of course Gary seen me and we talked alittle bit about it!! so we finally get home and Gary wanted to go home and take a shower so he does and comes back to hang out an ddrink and shit. and than we played Euchre and Uno (like always) than went to sleep!! so basically Kelly lost her bet to Erin!! (even though we didn't see a movie or anything)

but i am at LeAnne's (she says hi) and i need to jump in the shower, so i have to get off now!! but i will talk to everyone later!! buh bye!

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Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
12:39 pm
ok, boys are dumb.......
now when i was reading everyone's journal, people failed to tell me that Justin is a big jerk and that we should now start calling him Mini-Gary!! grrrr!! i was totally lost on this whole subject, i still am actually!! i don't know what the deal is and who in the hell is this Erin girl??? and i still don't know what happened with Crystal and Mike........


well i got Gary a Valentine's Card today!! Me and Erin Chisholm (cause i don't even know if that's the person you guys hate but i have to tell you guys this) have this bet against Gary.....well i have to tell you the story first!! me, Erin and Gary were sitting at my house yesterday before the game playing Uno like always and Erin asked Gary where he was taking me for Valentine's Day and Gary said Apple Bees and to a movie (Final Destination 2, which he has already seen 2 times already, when i told him i wanted to see it with him, he goes with everyone else to see it first.....anyways, that's a different story) so me and Erin go to the basketball game and we were joking around with Nate McMillian since he was sitting behind us. Erin asked him where he was gonna take her for Valentine's Day (as a joke cause Erin is going out with Gary Gonzalez but he moved far far away to Ecourse and won't be here on friday) and i asked him where he was gonna take me too and Erin goes your gonna be with Gary and i said i bet you any money we won't do anything on Valentine's Day and she was like, "how much do you wanna bet?" so i told her 5 dollars, than we shook on it and we watched the game for like to seconds and she turns back to me and says "let's make it 2 dollars!!" i said ok and we shook on it agian!! ::laughs:: so that's our bet!! i just have to let you all know who wins that bet!! so stay tuned........

but anyways, i heard Lindsey went into labor yesterday or wait 2 days ago or something like that!! littlegimp hasn't updated to let us all know what's going on!! i wanna know if she had her baby yet!! now we can all start calling littlegimp Auntie Keleigh!! ::laughs:: that's what's my nieces and nephews call me!!

i have been here for about forever, everyone always yells at me cause i never have alot to say in my update so i am trying to keep talking about sutff.......

i heard that Jason McCann got picked up by the state boys the day Lindsey went into labor for running away!! he called my house yesterday lookign for Paul and i asked him about it but basically he didn't get shit, all he has to do is go to court for a run a way (which ain't shit) and he's done!! he's still pretty dumb if you ask me!! he was planning on running away to Flordia with Paul!! boys these days!!! can't live with 'em, can't shot 'em!!

but i think i am gonna go home now cause i need to clean and shit and i think i am going to Snadusky with Erin after she gets outta school (she doesn't have a 6th hour) i think Nate is gonna skip his 6th hour and go with us but i dunno, i dunno if we are still even gonna go or not!! but i need to get home so i hope this was long enough for you guys......

Current Mood: good

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Monday, February 10th, 2003
11:33 am
something's wrong with me............
today when i woke up i just felt.....weird!! i guess that's the way to put it!! i keep thinking to myself "how could you be so gad damn stupid!?!?" i just wanna crawl under a rock and die!! i found out something today that i was lied to about for a very long time, even yesterday i was lied to about it!! i guess i'm basically nothing to that person!! i need to go so i can think things out.......

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Sunday, February 2nd, 2003
9:00 pm
the madness continues..........
well last night was pretty crazy!! Gary and Greg Deigal got into a fight, cops were called, pretty shitty if you ask me...........nothing got broke at my house though!! that's the only good thing!!

but yeah nothing else here to write about except that i am at my parents house washing clothes and i am leaving soon, hopefully very soon cause they are starting to bitch!! but i'm gonna go now...........

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Thursday, January 23rd, 2003
7:37 pm
sorry no time but here goes........
i'm talking to Amanda.....
rushing my ass off......
typing super fast......
and i didn't even get a chance to read everyone's well NO ONE'S update......
will do that soon......
but i gotta go......

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Friday, January 10th, 2003
2:31 pm
or you know........something.......
ok now that i've read everyone's journals since i've haven't had time to the past 2 weeks, i am kinda pissed about something and i wanna clear it up and explain why i this LITTLE "fight" happened.......
for 1: the day me and Shane got into "alittle" fight, i never once told him he had to leave, he did that himself, so that's his own damn fault!!
for 2: i'm sorry that i get pissed when i leave Shane at my apartment and when i come back my door is unlocked and he isn't there!! than come to find out that people actually came INTO my apartment when no one was home!! i'm sorry i don't want my shit stolen or broke or god knows what else someone could do to my apartment when my door is unlocked for basically just ANYONE to walk in!!
for 3: and when i am only fuckin' NEXT DOOR in the other building at Sarah's which Shane was aware of, instead of going over there and either asking for my keys to get in or ask me to go over there and let him in, he just breaks in my apartment and lets basically EVERYONE know how to get in my apartment when i'm not home!! i'm sorry that i don't appreciate that since it takes about 10 seconds to go over to Sarah's to get the key!!
for 4: i honestly don't think it's my fuckin' job to get Shane a key made because he isn't paying any bills at my apartment!! yeah, he does have his grandparents bring food and other shit over but that's basically ALL he does!! i can recall probably about 2 or 3 times when Shane actually cleaned my apartment!! i'm sorry that i don't think it should be JUST my job to clean the apartment and wash the dishes if he lives there too!!
and for 5: i don't fuckin' call Shane a dumbass or stupid ALL the time!! and when i do call him that, it's a fuckin' joke and if he or anyone else can't take it as a damn joke than i just won't talk to the kid anymore so i don't piss anyone off!!

sorry if i pissed anyone off but that's why i got pissed and yelled at Shane, i'm sorry that it is a perfectly good reason to get pissed at someone and no one else can't say they wouldn't get pissed about the same thing, CAUSE THEY WOULD!! and i'm sorry that Shane didn't fuckin' understand that but that's not my problem!!

yeah but anyways, as i was gonna say before i had to explain myself...........
Happy New Year Everyone!! kinda alittle late but hey whatever!! as long as i said it!!

Kenny-i know you read this sometimes but Ron gave me your e-mail address and when i am done updating i AM gonna write you since i didn't get what you wrote me!!

Richelle came up from Florida over break as some of you may already know!! she bought me this 8 oz. shot gave which was super TALL and she broke it!! damn her!! but she is gonna send me another one!! so i can't wait!!

i am finally back to work with my dad!! i started back on monday and i on the 15th of this month, i get a dollar raise!! so i am super excited about that!! more money for Kelly!! which i have to basically spend either on my 12923729 bils that i have or save for Florida and Gary's birthday (which is the 30th of this month)!!

This is what i am getting Gary for his birthday (which he already knows about because he always cons me into telling him what i am getting for him):
~a case of beer
~a game for either Game Cube or PS2 (which ever he decides)
~a card
~myself ::laughs:: but it's true!!

and that's all for now that i can think of, which it will probably be more when i actually go to the store to buy all this cause i know i will find more stuff for him!!

shit i have to write Richelle too.......i need to hurry cause i have to be back at home by 3:15 cause me, LeAnne, her mom and Clay's mom are going to bay City to watch the boys play!! so yeah i am running short on time!! hurry Kelly hurry!!

but yeah i guess i should go so i can get all my stuff done!!! so talk to you all later......oh by the way, i have 2 phone numbers now, i found out like last week, which is pretty cool, i'll explain later but 1200 is my other number!! so use it if you like!! ta ta!

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Tuesday, December 24th, 2002
4:02 pm
something i found...............
1) First Grade Teacher: Mrs. McDougall
2) Last word you said: i still didn't hear you
3) Last song you sang: Big Poppa-Notorious BIG
4) Last person you hugged: my lil bro Ben
5) Last thing you laughed at: Lisa being stupid......lol
6) Last time you said I love you? about half hour ago to Gary
7) Last time you cried: last night
8) What's in your CD player: a burned cd
9) What color socks are you wearing: white
10) What's under your bed: nothing
11) What time did you wake up today: 10:30 a.m.
12) Current taste: milk
13) Current hair: umm, it's blonde
14) Current clothes: my orange and white aeropostale shirt, perry ellis sweater and pj pants
15) Current annoyance: my parents
16) Current longing: seeing Gary again
17) Current desktop picture: Trust Company
18) Current worry: fuckin' up with Gary for good
19) Current hate: Megan
20) Story behind your LJ username: explains itself, i miss Gary
21) Current favorite article of clothing: my ozzfest shirt Gary gave me and his ornage sweater that he wants back but i'm not giving it to him ::laughs::
22) Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex/same sex: eyes
23) Last CD that you bought: i don't buy cd's anymore
24) Favourite place to be: with Gary
25) Least favorite place: at my parents house
26) Time you wake up in the morning: 10
27) If you could play an instrument, what would it be: paino
28) Favorite color: orange
29) Do you believe in an afterlife: sure
30) How tall are you: 5'2"
31) Current favorite word/saying:
32) Favorite book: Harry Potter
33) Favorite season: summer
34) One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: my grandpa
35) Favorite day: Saturday
36) Where do you want to go: Austrailia
37) What is your career going to be like: Athletic Trainer
38) How many kids do you want: 2
39) What kind of car will you have: BMW
40) Type a line you remember from any book: i dunno
41) A random lyric: i love it when you call me BIG Poppa
42) Identify some things surrounding your computer: a bunch of random shit and my computer

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1:00 pm
Christmas Eve...........
yeah i got my presents from my parents today...........i got a dvd player and the spaceballs movie (which happens to be my senior class movie, lol), some cucumber melon lotion and body wash stuff and some other stuff.........

snowpants got me a present too.........i liked it, it seemed good!! thanks Crystal!!

i went to Sarah's last night, i talked Ron into letting her open a present!! than i had to talk him into opening one of his presents........
::laughs:: i'm good!!

ok let's see.........i'll tell you what i did this past weekend......
me and my mom were coming home from work and we were driving behind a semi and it was gonna turn off on Brown City Road and our breaks went out so we had to drive all the way home WITHOUT breaks!! sucked to be us!!than LeAnne's mom came and got me and took me to my apartment, i took a shower than went to the basketball game which was very, very exciting if you ask me!! than i came home and went to sleep cause i was very tired from working!!
had a Christmas party, it was fun, except for Joey pissd me off only because he is stupid and wants to get drunk and high and then make Gary drive home!! that makes me so mad!! but oh well!!
had yet another party, Clay, Garrett, Chuck, Cody, LeAnne, Dave, Gary, Darrel and of course me were all there.........it was fun, i almost died coughing!! LeAnne and Garrett were laughing at me!!

continued to this week.......
went to tj\he movies with Gary for the first time in a very LONG time!! we seen "Lord of the Rings Two Towers" it was good but WAY long, i can't get into movies that are forever long, Gary liked it though, he can't wait for the next one to come out!!
which would be today!! i opened my presents (which you already know!) Happy 18th Birthday Cody!! i might go over his house for his birthday party than i gotta find a ride down to the city for my family thing cause i didn't want to leave with my mom and dad when they went, they got pretty pissed about it but oh well!! they'll get over it!! Josh stayed with me!! i really don't wanna stay the night down there but i might have to IF i find a ride ::laughs::

i still haven't taken a shower yet!! i know, i know, i'm a dirty dirty girl but who cares??? not me!! well for now anyways, i will get to it in alittle!! so calm down!!

i am talking to zorrito right now!! i had to mention him cause he asked me too!! so HI JOSE!!

but i think i am gonna go so i can get some shit done, talke to you all later!! have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Current Mood: annoyed

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